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Herbal Cloths

Skin is a defensive system which can protect our body from climatic variations and direct attack of external forces, germs, fungi etc. Even though skin is a habitat for certain fungi and bacteria’s, they cannot penetrate to the body due to the protective device of the skin . Hence health of a person is directly related to the health of the skin also.

Ayurveda the hereditary Indian system of medicine is very ancient and there are several approaches and methodologies for treating different diseases . Some of the prevailing methods in ayurveda are internal administration of medicines and also external methods like massage of herbal oils and powders in additions to other methods. Since ancient times human beings used herbals and natural colors for coloring the cloths.

Herbal Cloths: High Quality natural organic hand loom cotton cloths and ready made garments which are processed with the ayurvedic herbals which is very suitable for all types of peoples including children and new born babies. It is also suitable for diabetic & heart patients, as it creates a positive mental & physical well being and stimulates curing of disease or protects from diseases by regular and continuous usage, along with the treatment. Also it reduces emotional stress and offers good sleep.

Along with the treatment , using of herbal cloths creates a positive mental attitude and reduce tension (organic products can make mental &physical comfortness in all living organisms ). Also it reduce emotional stress, controls Blood pressure and suitable for diabetics and heart patients. Herbal cloths were treated with some cholesterol reducing herbals and it can reduce cholesterol level also. As emotional status affect the immunity, a balanced emotional status always help to maintain a good physical and mental health and provides good sleep.( As in the case of emotional stress irregular and disturbed sleep is also a factor which affects the status of good health ) .As a result ; herbal cloths provides a good sleep and reduces your cholesterol level.

In addition it can reduce skin disease, allergy, pain, swelling, burning sensations on the skin. Ayurveda strictly adhere to the psychological and emotional status of the patient and postulate that food and medicine remains the constant factor the cure and well being of the patient will depends upon the psychological and other socio-economic and cultural factors of the patient .It is because of this uniqueness of ayurvedic treatment method, the effectiveness of a particular treatment is varying among different patients.

Hence herbal cloths creating a positive mental and physical well being and stimulate curing of diseases or protects from diseases .


Specially prepared Herbal Cloths with the combination of so many herbals and plants for reducing cholesterol level, Sugar and tension are also available with us. Along with the treatment using of such Herbal cloths ( as bed sheets, pillow cover, blanket, Shirt, Pants, Socks, undergarments and night dress etc.) helps easy curing of diseases by reducing sugar and cholesterol level. Specially prepared and treated herbal cloths for reducing cholesterol / sugar / tension are prepared according to the requirements only. Please note that merely using Herbal cloths may not give you good result. Along with the treatment using of herbal cloths stimulates curing of diseases and can give you good result. For more details please mail to us indicating your clinical test results and history of the case.

Also specially prepared Herbal Cloths dress materials are also available for new born babies. Specially prepared and treated Herbal Cloths for new born babies with heart complaints are available at concessional rate and free of cost for poor class world wide (subject to stock only) Courier/shipping charge has to suffer by the consumer.


Herbal cloths can be washed with Herbal washing powder so that the colour and odour of the cloths can be preserved for prolonged period. DIRECTION FOR USE OF HERBAL WASHING POWDER Put one table spoon full Herbal washing powder to one litre water (preferably hot water) and stirrer well. Then sock the herbal cloths for 5 minutes (preferebly for 30 minutes). Then wash and dry in shade. Herbal washing powder is recommended for washing herbal cloths only. Do not wash other cloths using herbal washing powder. Also do not wash herbal cloths with other cloths as the colours may react with each other. In case herbal washing powder is not available to you, Herbal Cloths may wash with mild soap only. Don’t use detergents to wash Herbal Cloths.


1. Bed Sheet (Double size)
2. (Single size)
3. Pants piece / Lungi / Dhothi
4. Paijama / Kurthi piece
5. Shirt
6. Paijama and Kurtha
7. Pillow Cover
8. Night dress for ladies, gents and children
9. Herbal Cloths dress materials pack for new born babies with blanket, Frock, Socks, Herbal washing powder etc.
10. Cotton socks and various sizes
11. Under garments (Jetty, Bra etc.)
12. Herbal washing powder
13. Specially prepared cloths for reducing cholesterol / Sugar / tension
14. Specially prepared Herbals cloths dress material pack for new born babies with heart disease (including blanket, Frock, Socks, Herbal washing powder etc.). It is provided on concessional rate or free of cost depending the case and nature.
15. Sanitary napkins for ladies and babies.

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